Wupadupa Mail Art - a collaborative mail it to me project

mailart was a collaboration we did between a group of artists and musicians, some which were in wupadupa, some part of engine chat chat and some in neither.

The idea was that a musician made a sound lasting for 1 min then emailed that to an artist. The artist then created a 1 minute video, either moving or based on a still image, inspired by the music and then emailed this to another musician who created a piece of music inspired by the artwork and then emailed their music to another artist, who in turn created a piece of artwork inspired by the piece of music, who then emailed that to another artist......

and so on.

The final result is the 9 minute film above, premiered at our first wupadupa cinema night, and since then shown at other exhibitions.

There will hopefully be another one sometime in the future.