Wupadupa Phone Art - a collaborative text it to me project

so we did the mail art thang and it was jolly yes it was so! we wanted to do something similiar but this time everything was recorded using mobile phones.

quick explanation - the last image from the mail art film was sent to a musician's phone, via multimedia message, who then recorded a piece using their mobile phone. This piece was then sent on to an artist's phone who would respond (within half a day) with either a still image or video, again recorded with the mobile phone.

The artiste didn't know when they were to receive the music/image this created a potentially massive time limitation - especially if they were busy! But I loved this idea, firstly because I'm rarely busy - so I was OK :) but also because of the fact the phone is portable you can record sound/image anywhere.

This means you have to be in a creative/aesthetically aware state wherever you are and however mundane your surroundings. I'd like to be in that state the whole time, but I tend to forget!

There will hopefully be another one sometime in the future.